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Red Band Society on FOX


(Spoiler Alert! You’ve been warned! 😉 )

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about a show that has been making quite an impression on me – FOX’s Red Band Society, which airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c. The show centres on the lives and challenges faced by a few hospitalized teens who are all dealing with various medical conditions. Now, there are quite a few aspects of the show which are pretty unrealistic (such as the fact that these kids are healthy enough to get dressed up, wear make up and drink alcohol but still require in-patient care, the fact that their rooms are amazingly huge, the hospital is amazingly beautiful, their doctor is amazingly beautiful… 😛 ) but I’ll let it slide for the sake of fiction and television and the fact that I actually do enjoy the core ideas of the show itself.

I am not sure who the target audience for this show is meant to be, but I can certainly say that I relate to the characters quite a lot – having grown up with a chronic illness myself. I may not have the same conditions as the characters in Red Band Society, but I surely relate to the fears and concerns that our young characters face.

In the latest (second) episode, I was really touched by Leo’s story and his fears of feeling alone, being the only person there who has lost his leg due to osteosarcoma. Wearing his false leg, he ends up going to a college party where he drinks and rudely tells his friend Dash that he wants to stay at the party. He ends up making out with a girl there and starts panicking when things start heating up in the bedroom. He insults the girl, she leaves and poor Leo ends up falling on the floor, struggling in pain to get back up. I may not be a teenaged guy, but boy did my heart reach out to Leo in that scene.

Living with arthritis, I could imagine Leo’s physical pain as he tried to walk in his new leg. I also understood his emotions of wanting to fit in, have a drink and just be part of the crowd – it’s so much easier than dealing with the reality which illness slaps you with, isn’t it? I also really felt for him during that make-out scene where the girl starts pulling on his pants and he starts panicking about his false leg. When it comes to young life and illness, these are honest and valid struggles which we all deal with and I’m glad that a mainstream show is highlighting stories like these. This show is an interesting combination of edginess, humour, fantasy and beautiful moments which often get me thinking.

While there are aspects of this show which clearly aren’t realistic, I think the aim of this series is to entertain and inspire and I’m all for that. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Have any of you guys watched “Red Band Society?” What do you think of it?

Hope you’re all keeping well,
❤ Ms. Rainbow


2 thoughts on “Red Band Society on FOX

  1. You are spot on with this post. I was excited for this show when I saw the previews, and I’ve seen the first two episodes. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow night!

    I agree that the representation of the hospital and the health status of the patients aren’t entirely realistic, but I’m willing to let it pass because of the way this show can pinpoint the emotions I have felt and other people have felt as well. I related to Leo because I know all too well that illness can come in the way of a healthy social life. I’m excited to watch the next few episodes, and I love how the story line is evolving so far.

    Ms. Rainbow, we always seem to be thinking the same thing. Thank you for your posts, they remind me that I’m not alone.

    Have a super, fantastic, awesome, splendid, amazing day!
    ~Eliza McFarlish

    • Aw thank you so much for the sweet comment Eliza, you made my day! So glad you are able to relate to the posts. How is your arthritis doing? Hope you aren’t flaring too much and are still managing to do whatever you love to do.

      And I’m glad you are enjoying ‘Red Band Society’ as much as I am! You are so right when you say the show has the ability to pinpoint emotions we have felt growing up with illness. I find myself nodding at many of the statements made in this show. Hope you have an amazing day as well, all the best Eliza! 🙂

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