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“Becoming ill” | The Girl With Arthritis


Hi everyone! I recently asked the amazing Elizabeth from The Girl With Arthritis about her story of transitioning into a child living with chronic illness and how she dealt with it, especially since she started having pains from a very early age. I wrote a bit about my own story in the past here but will eventually do another post with more details. I am always curious to learn how our arthritis stories differ and also compare, especially for young persons who have basically grown up with arthritis. Elizabeth wrote a very insightful piece which I want to share with you guys today. I was able to relate a lot to what she wrote and I’m sure many of you will also. What struck me is when she wrote “I knew at age ten that tendonitis wasn’t what was going on.” As a child I also remember knowing instinctively that what I was experiencing was not a flu or sprain like the doctor said it was. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! 🙂

Read Elizabeth’s post here: http://arthritisgirl.blogspot.com/2014/06/becoming-ill.html

All the best!
❤ Ms. Rainbow


4 thoughts on ““Becoming ill” | The Girl With Arthritis

  1. I completely relate to your comment about how you both knew that something else was wrong. I was diagnosed several years ago (at age 11) with JRA. This past year I was diagnosed with endometriosis as well, another inflammatory disease. The doctors kept telling me it was stress, and I was imagining the pain. I was persistent and convinced the doctors to perform surgery so we could have a solid answer. Somehow I knew I had endometriosis before I was ever diagnosed.

  2. Hi Eliza, thanks for stopping by! Yes, arthritis pain is a unique sensation, isn’t it? I just checked out your site and love it, I will definitely be returning :). How are you managing with your JRA and endometriosis? I hope they have both calmed down enough to allow you do whatever you want to do!

    • Thanks for checking out my website! You can subscribe for email notifications if you want to know when I post. My JRA is not doing so well, I had an MRI the other night. My doctors are having me switch medications so that will take some getting used to. The endometriosis is under control for now, and hopefully it stays that way. I had surgery in March, there are more details on my website. I’m planning on posting more blogs about arthritis soon, my viewers have been requesting that recently. http://www.elizamcfarlish.weebly.com

      • Hi Eliza, glad to hear the endometriosis is under control now, but sorry to hear the JRA is still an issue :(. I hope the new medication works well for you! Do keep us updated on your site. I look forward to reading about the arthritis as well.
        Good luck and I wish you lots of strength!

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