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Arthritis and college support

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Hi everyone! Some of you may recall that I recently shared a few tips about going away to college when you have Juvenile Arthritis. (Read the first part here and the second part here.) In keeping with that topic, I wanted to share a couple relevant links today.

The first site is the Youth Health Talk website, which I have mentioned previously on this site. There is a section specifically on going to school and college (click here to view), which you may find useful. There are quite a few videos of young persons with arthritis discussing their experiences on this site, so check out what they have to say. [http://www.youthhealthtalk.org/young_people_with_arthritis/Topic/4357]

I also found the following articles useful so check them out if you need more support:

-“Help Your Child With JA Get the Most Out of College “- http://www.kidsgetarthritistoo.org/living-with-ja/daily-life/school-success/choose-a-college.php
-“JA Scholarships: – http://www.arthritis.org/missouri/juvenile-arthritis/

Take care everyone!
Ms. Rainbow


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