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Youth Health Talk – Young People With Arthritis


Hi everyone! Today I want to share an amazing site which I recently found – YouthHealthTalk.org’s section on Young People With Arthritis. In this extensive project, 40 young persons with arthritis were interviewed and shared their experiences living and growing up with arthritis. Some of the topics included education, family, friends, relationships and pregnancy. Parents also shared their experiences caring for a child with arthritis.

I read through so many of the stories and watched the video clips and was truly touched. I could relate to so much of what these brave youths discussed. It was useful to read about the different approaches which persons used in tackling certain situations, such as making accommodations for school or work. There are also honest discussions on the emotional challenges of living with arthritis and coping with these emotions.

I encourage you to check out this site. It gives genuine insights into the realities of living with arthritis as young persons – and shows us that we are definitely not alone in the daily challenges we face due to (J)RA. When you’re finished reading through everything, make sure you check out this section: Messages to young persons with arthritis, where young persons share great tips on making the most of our lives with (J)RA.

Hope you are all doing well, 🙂
All the best,
Ms. Rainbow


7 thoughts on “Youth Health Talk – Young People With Arthritis

  1. Hi, I’m Jo and I work for the charity that runs Youthhealthtalk. Thanks for the lovely review of the arthritis site, it’s so good to hear that you like it! Can we quote you in our publications/funding applications etc? Thanks.

    • Hi Jo, thanks for visiting and for sharing my review, I appreciate it! Feel free to quote whatever you wish, I love the site! If you ever need more feedback, let me know. Take care!

  2. Hi Ms. Rainbow,

    Really pleased you liked the site. It’s lovely to hear that young people find it useful. Thank you for blogging about it!

    Ben (the researcher who did the interviewing)

    • Hi Ben, thanks for visiting! It’s an amazing site, thank you for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive and practical resource. It will benefit so many young persons (including myself). Good luck with your research and all the best! 🙂
      P.S. Do you have an email I can contact you at? I wish to send you a private message. Let me know and take care!

  3. Thank you!

    I can’t take all the credit though 🙂

    I did the interviewing when I worked for the Health Experiences Research Group at University of Oxford. Senior researchers designed the methods we all use when we make on-line “modules” (such as the one on arthritis), and we work together when we write the material for the website. Also, members of Youthhealthtalk manage the website and do all the video editing. So, it really is a team effort!

    Feel free to get in contact with me using ben.simmons@phc.ox.acuk .

    Best wishes,


    • It’s great to know that so many people care about young persons with arthritis to create such a mammoth project! Congratulations to your team and all the best to all of you. 🙂

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