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Saluting Karen Baker


Today I want to highlight a beautiful story which I read on ArthritisToday.org. The article is titled Africa by wheelchair and is about Karen Baker’s safari experience in Africa. Click here to read it. Like you and me, Karen has Rheumatoid Arthritis which has affected her mobility and she often uses a cane and wheelchair to get around. Karen’s story really touched me and that’s why I want to share it with all of you today. There is nothing that inspires me more than seeing someone push forward and fight for their dreams even when the stars aren’t perfectly aligned. Sometimes you have to work to align those stars yourself, right? Karen, you are truly a brave woman and I admire your strength! 🙂

 How many of us will choose to leave the safety and comforts of a familiar life to explore another country if we are dependent on a wheelchair? How many of us will do it on our own?

Karen did it, because it was her dream to make that journey. She encountered many challenges along the way, but she didn’t run away from them. She held her head up high and worked through them. What a strong and amazing lady 🙂

When you have (J)RA, there is no shortcut or easy route out of the feelings of pain and sickness. We learn to just put on our game faces and go with it, even though we have no idea what’s going to happen and how things will turn out. We learn to live life with this disease piggybacking along.

Like Karen, I love travelling and learning about different cultures. As I get older I do worry about my mobility and my ability to travel independently. Karen, you have shown me that I have nothing to fear. Whatever happens, we can still find a way to do the things we love. It’s not going to be easy, but you have shown us that where there’s a will, there is indeed a way if you want something badly enough. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with the world and all the best to you! 🙂

I want to leave you all with one of my favourite quotes by Walt Disney:

“All our dreams can come true, if  we have the courage to pursue them.”

Wishing everyone strength and courage as we keep fighting,

Ms. Rainbow


4 thoughts on “Saluting Karen Baker

  1. It’s true that we have to push ourselves to do those things we wish to do. Maybe one day I will meet you at a conference – that’s if you wanted to go and defeating huge odds it works for both of us. I chickened out of applying for MedX and said maybe next year.
    Good advice and a story to read as well!.

  2. Aw good luck for next year then 🙂 I have never attended a conference, but I do hope I’ll be able to at some point in life. It really helps having a community and learning from one another’s experiences. Glad you liked the story, take care!

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